Moving To Kansas City

Moving To Kansas City

If you’re moving to Kansas City, our award-winning relocation team will help you through every stage of the process. This includes helping you get to know the Kansas City area and finding the perfect place to call home.


Kansas City Homes Relocation Book

Our relocation book is a useful guide if you’re considering a move to the Kansas City area. It’s filled with helpful information that illustrates what you can expect when starting a new life in the metro area. If you don’t have a relocation book and would like one, simply submit a request to our relocation department.

View our online Relocation Book for all your ‘getting-to-know’ Kansas City needs. We list everything you need and want to know about Kansas City including health care, education, lakes, parks, golf courses, transportation, entertainment, and more!

View the Kansas City Homes Relocation Book



    Before You Arrive in Kansas City

Before You Arrive, We Will...

  • Send you a relocation book about the Kansas City area, complete with community
  • Set-up an individual consultation
  • Email you property profiles
  • Give you access to Home Suite, our exclusive home buyer program
  • Offer financial counseling
    After Your Arrival in Kansas City

After Your Arrival, We Will...

  • Take you on a tour of the Kansas City area
  • Give you a personalized buyer handbook
  • Counsel you about home selection
  • Preview homes for sale with you
  • Negotiate contract(s) 
  • Coordinate inspections
  • Assist with closing
  • Follow-up after the sale


Kansas City Homes Relocation Team

Meet our award-winning relocation team. They are the experts at making sure every relocation goes as smoothly as possible for the transferring employee, the company and the agent.


Erica Butler - BHGRE Kansas City HomesErica Butler

Director of Relocation


Janet JohnstonJanet Johnston

Relocation Coordinator


Janet JohnstonDebe Grantham

Relocation Coordinator







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