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Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Kansas City Homes embraces a lifestyle living philosophy - finding a home that complements how you live. To help you find your "lifestyle home," we have introduced a new search feature on our website called Lifestyle Search.

What is Lifestyle Search?

Lifestyle Search allows you to search beyond price, bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, etc. Dig deeper by selecting lifestyle elements that matter most to you.

After choosing from your lifestyle options, your search results will then display numbers between 1 and 10. This informs you how well each home matches up with your lifestyle preferences.

Watch the video to learn more, and start your lifestyle search today!

Search by Lifestyle

What do the lifestyle elements mean?

  • Pedestrian-friendly: number of stores and institutions are nearby and quality of walk to them
  • Transit-friendly: frequency and level of service of public transit
  • Car-friendly: how well traffic flows, and how easy it is to park
  • Grocery stores: distance* to closest grocery store and quantity of grocery stores nearby
  • Elementary schools: distance* to closest elementary school
  • High schools: distance* to closest high school
  • Restaurants: quantity and diversity of restaurants nearby
  • Coffee shops: quantity and diversity of cafés nearby
  • Nightlife: quantity and diversity of bars nearby
  • Shopping: quantity and diversity of shops nearby
  • Quiet: level of noise nearby
  • Vibrancy: level of street activity nearby



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