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Posted by Kansas City Homes on Thursday, June 7th, 2018 at 4:13pm.


Finding your dream home has certainly evolved over the years. It started with word-of-mouth between family members, neighbors, or friends. Maybe, one of them knew someone that knew someone who was “selling the cutest little house”. Next, came newspaper ads which made it possible for many more people to find out about homes for sale, but they were limited by small photos and short descriptions.

The internet brought considerable advancements to home searches. It made it possible to search limitlessly for homes – of any kind, in ay area  –  right from your keyboard. It was the cutting edge of home search technology…It was, until now.

"Alexa, open Kansas City Homes"

Alexa, open Kansas City Homes”.

When you tell your Amazon smart speaker those five words, it activates the brand-new BHGRE Kansas City Homes smart speaker skill, and that skill opens up a whole new, better way to find homes…all with just your voice.

The Kansas City Homes Skill is both robust and responsive, helping you narrow down exactly how you want to live by asking your specific home criteria such as:

  • Price
  • Number of bed or bathrooms
  • School district or zip code
  • Other amenities

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Based on all that information, “Alexa” will tell you about the top three homes that match and instantly email you information about those listings. Your email will also include a link to ALL the homes available based on your search. If you’re already working with a BHGRE Kansas City Homes agent, you’re also connected to them through the skill link. This allows you to get additional information from your agent about a home, and even request a showing right through your smart speaker.

This new approach to home search isn’t just cool and convenient…it’s the future! It’s estimated that a majority of all households will have a smart speaker by the year 2022! When you compare how quickly this is happening compared to the adoption of smartphones – which took a little over a decade – you start to understand the impact these devices are making, not just in real estate but in our society at large.

Just like the radio, TV, and computer before it, the smart speaker is becoming the ubiquitous must-have item for the home. At the same time, our new skill makes it the must-have item to find a home. If you have an Amazon smart speaker or a comparable device from Google, and are thinking about buying a home, download the new Kansas City Homes Skill. You’ll become a part of a better home finding future.

The Kansas City Homes Skill just recently launched and is looking like a big success, but we’re not done. We’ll soon be launching a companion skill called the Kansas City Homes Concierge. Need a roofer? A plumber? Even a Lawyer? The Kansas City Homes Concierge will direct you to any kind of service provider you need anywhere in the city. And yes, it’s all available at the tip of your tongue. Just say the word.

The Kansas City Homes Skill is also available for Google Home.


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