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The princess was ready to embark on an adventure and sell her castle....

Legend of Homebuying | Kansas City Hoems

She picked an excellent time to enter the castle market. The real estate industry in her kingdom was hot and everyone wanted to buy a new home all across the land. 

Now that part is not fantasy. Bringing it back to reality, the real estate market in Kansas City is blazing hot, even now in the usually slower winter months. All across Kansas City, homes are selling at a record pace, averaging less than 23 days from initial listing to a signed contract. The median sales price of homes in Kansas City rose almost 20% last month to $233,000 while inventory decreased 46%. Positive growth has been shown in pending and closed sales for the last three months. 

If any of that

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Chris Barnes Named Chief Operating Officer for Kansas City Homes

Chris Barnes | Chief Operating Officer | Kansas City Homes

As Chief Operating Officer for the fourth largest affiliate in the Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Network, Chris Barnes is a wildly successful entrepreneur with a track record of growth. He brings a unique perspective to the real estate industry and is focused on spurring innovation at Better Homes and Gardens®  Real Estate Kansas City Homes. 

A dynamic leader, Chris has had a long history of seizing opportunities in industries with little to no prior experience and producing tremendous results. Since 2009, he successfully launched two start-up companies in challenging industries - aviation and apparel - and built both into multi-million dollar enterprises within three

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Barnes is the new majority owner and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Kansas City Homes, the city’s third largest real estate brokerage

Christian Barnes is the new principal owner, President, and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Kansas City Homes, the third largest brokerage in Kansas City. In an industry traditionally and consistently dominated by men, Christian will now become one of real estate’s top female principal owners. She succeeds our former President and CEO, David Cooper, who served in the role for sixteen years and will remain with the company in an advisory capacity for the foreseeable future. Company ownership will also include Mike Belzer, who has served as an owner and the firm’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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Millennials First Time Homebuyer | Kansas City Homes


Once upon a time a young princess wanted to buy a home in the mystical land of enchantment called Kansas City…


There are a lot of myths out there about buying your first home and many millennials believe that their home-buying journey is more like a fairy tale than real life. The market has changed drastically over the last few years and as much as you learned from bingeing HGTV for three straight nights, trust the actual experts to give you relevant advice to your individual situation. 

While myths are rampant across the real estate industry, we are here to tell you that many of the age-old stigmas of one of the oldest industries on Earth are totally false. Over the course of this blog series, we will cover the ten major myths and

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Trending #RealEstate | Kansas City Homes

In this final edition of our Trending #RealEstate blog, we discuss a few new topics. One has been making an effect on the industry for a few months now and the other is emerging as a nationwide trend and looks to continuing changing in the coming months. We've touched on it a few times in the previous two editions, our first topic is the dwindling inventory of homes for sale to meet one of the hottest buying markets in history. Our second topic covers remote work and how it is appearing to change our workforce for the present and future. Let's dive in. 

Trending #RealEstate | Kansas City Homes

Trend #5 Supply and Demand

A subsequent trend to the mortgage rate drop, is the drop in home inventory, or how many homes are available on the market for buyers. Due to the mortgage rate

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Trending Real Estate | Kansas City Homes

In part one of this blog series, we looked at three trends that are emerging from the post-shutdown real estate market. Those three were the rise in the millennial home buyer demographic, the use of video apps for real estate agents, and the exponential growth of online home-searching. Part two of our Trending #RealEstate blog discusses the mortgage rate cut in the early throes of the pandemic, and how it inevitably affected refinances, inventory, and what it will mean to the future of real estate. With remote work becoming the new normal for the foreseeable future, millennials entering the homebuyer market in force, and the widespread shift to suburban lifestyles, the real estate industry here in KC and beyond is set for an interesting end to 2020. 

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Kansas City Homes President, David Cooper, was overwhelmed with support from office staff and agents who mailed in cards, notes, and letters expressing support and well-wishes for him. He gives his thanks to the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate family in this thank you video below.

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Better Together | Kansas City Homes


The Kansas City community is remarkable, unified and has received their fair share of tests over the last month. Amidst stay-at-home-orders and only being able to access essential services, Kansas City has remained resilient, and stayed together to weather the storm. Small businesses all throughout Kansas City have been forced to close their doors, but that will not prevent them from continuing to serve their communities. 

Businesses Respond

Several restaurants are staying open for carryout and delivery services but are also aiding our healthcare workers who are on the front lines of defeating the virus. Jack Stack Barbecue made over 700 boxed lunches and delivered it to hospital staff around Kansas City, completely free of charge. Yard Bar

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The Better Homes & Garden Magazine is ubiquitous nationwide. Since it was first published in 1921, it became a staple for homeowners looking for ideas to make life better. Currently, it’s the #1 home and lifestyle publication in circulation with a readership of 32,145,000. Even at that volume, each issue they put out is a love letter to the lifestyle of better living. A full 60% of the content in each issue is dedicated to home and lifestyle-related topics. 

Bus TripWe recently had the opportunity to see first-hand, the hard work, passion and craft that goes into every BHG magazine when a select group of agents and staff chartered a bus and traveled to the Meredith mothership (publisher of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine). They pulled back the curtain for us and

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