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Posted by Kansas City Homes on Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 at 7:30am.

Spring - The Season of Charcuterie

When enjoying company in the backyard, something light and tasty to snack on can set the mood for the whole party. It seems everywhere you turn these days, new and ornate charcuterie spreads are making their way into your social media feeds and getting hundreds of likes. So let’s jump on the trend, and look at the essentials for a springtime charcuterie board. 

1. Cheese

Three different types of cheeses are the goal. If you can, go to a local cheese shop or delicatessen and find one hard, one soft, and one blue cheese. This gives a varied tasting profile to your guests and different flavors to experiment with.

2. Meat

Your choice of meats can be broad, but you generally will want to stick with thinly-sliced cold cuts to keep the spread light. Popular meats include pancetta, hard salami, and prosciutto. These can vary based on your taste.

3. Crackers

Your local grocery store is likely to have quite the spread of crackers you can include on your board. Choose two to three types and pick different flavors and textures. Pita chips can offer a nice crunch while softer crackers can complement harder meats like salami if you choose to include it.

4. Accompaniments

In this category, the world is your oyster. Fruits and veggies are excellent pairings that can add a tasty contrast to salty meats and cheeses. Look for in-season produce to add a fresh flavor profile and reduce the grocery bill.

Whether for a light lunch or mid-afternoon snack, a well-stocked charcuterie board is a perfect recipe to keep the family full and happy on those active spring days.

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