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Posted by Kansas City Homes on Wednesday, October 9th, 2019 at 6:00am.

The Better Homes & Garden Magazine is ubiquitous nationwide. Since it was first published in 1921, it became a staple for homeowners looking for ideas to make life better. Currently, it’s the #1 home and lifestyle publication in circulation with a readership of 32,145,000. Even at that volume, each issue they put out is a love letter to the lifestyle of better living. A full 60% of the content in each issue is dedicated to home and lifestyle-related topics. 

Bus TripWe recently had the opportunity to see first-hand, the hard work, passion and craft that goes into every BHG magazine when a select group of agents and staff chartered a bus and traveled to the Meredith mothership (publisher of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine). They pulled back the curtain for us and let us peek behind the scenes… see how the sausage is made, so to speak. 

NOTE: The only actual sausage being made was in one of the test kitchens. 

Our group marveled at the amount of work, care, and detail that went into creating the visuals for the magazine. We imagined it rivaled the production of a Hollywood movie with all its sets, props, technology, and special effects.

Meredith Headquarters Sculpture

Having the Better Homes and Gardens brand behind our company is one thing, but seeing exactly what that means in person is nothing short of mesmerizing. This glimpse backstage gave us real insights into how the BHG brand helps us as real estate professionals. The truth is, it does because what we do is an extension of what they publish. For every beautiful shot of a living room or bedroom, we get inspiration for how sellers can stage their home. Every article on paint and decor gives us ideas to share with buyers about how to make a new home their own. 

Lifestyle. Location. Livability LogoUltimately, Better Homes & Gardens, the magazine, and Better Homes and Gardens, the real estate company have very similar goals - helping people live their ideal lifestyle.
The resources Better Homes & Gardens supply and the support they lend to our work in real estate is what helps our agents be better. If you’re thinking about
buying or selling, go with the lifestyle experts.

Also, be sure to check out or pick up a copy of Better Homes & Gardens magazine. Once you find your home, their magazine will help you find ways to make it your own. 


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