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Posted by Kansas City Homes on Thursday, August 29th, 2019 at 9:04am.

In Part 1 of this blog, we gave you some ideas about how to raise your home's value for no or little money. These long-term solutions are meant to help increase what your home is worth now and in the future, when you may decide to sell. In Part 2 we'll provide you with even more ideas to make your home worth more by investing a little more into it. These ideas are a little pricier but are intended to deliver a greater ROI in the end.

Medium Cost. A Little More Effort

Add Some Low-Maintenance Landscaping
This one is a great way to improve your curb appeal and save money at the same time. Everybody loves lush shrubs and colorful flowers. Try planting some near your front door. It makes your entrance more attractive and helps entice potential home buyers to come inside. If you’re careful and consult a local garden center, you can choose plants that are naturally native to the region or ones that are drought tolerant. By doing so, you’ll have flora that requires less watering and maintenance which means you save money now and in the long term.


Pass (on) the Popcorn
Man scrapgin popcorn ceilingIf you’re at home, look up! If you’re not… wait until you’re home and then look up! What’s on your ceiling? If it looks like it belongs more in a movie theater than your house, it’s got to go. Fewer things make a house look dated and turn off more buyers than a popcorn ceiling. Sure, this treatment was once in vogue, but then again so were big hair and tight-rolled jeans. The good news is it’s fairly easy to fix and you can even do it yourself. Remove the old, offending, and outdated material with either a solution to soften the texture or a ceiling texture blade. Both can be found at your local hardware store. Once you’ve gotten rid of the popcorn texture, fix any scratches, holes or gaps that the popcorn was camouflaging. You can use drywall putty or joint compound to make your bare ceiling smooth and even. After that, just sand, prime, and paint for an updated and value-increasing ceiling.

Farmhouse Sink

Show Your Kitchen Some Kindness
If your kitchen is showing its age, there are some updates you can try that could be key to increasing your home’s value without a complete $10,000+ remodel. You’d be amazed at how much of a difference replacing an out-of-style, stained, and worn out sink can make; both in how your kitchen looks and how much your home could sell for. While you’re at it, replace that ancient microwave with a new stainless steel one. The price of microwaves has come down so much that the small cost of buying a new one could be offset by the increase in your home’s worth. Even if you’re not planning to sell anytime soon, hey, you’ve got a better-looking kitchen and a more modern microwave to enjoy in the meantime!

Our agents have seen it all from new roofs to room additions to swimming pools with complex water features. They can tell you what they’ve seen work and not work when it comes to increasing home values and buyer offers. Contact your Kansas City Homes agent and get their guidance before hitting the home improvement store or hiring a contractor

In Part 3... Big Improvements bring bigger value, and two BIG no-nos for trying to increase home value.

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