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Posted by Kansas City Homes on Monday, September 10th, 2018 at 11:29am.

How many hours do you lose each day scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Why not spend some of that time toward cutting costs on something we all spend probably too much money on each month: groceries? These seven tips can help get you started on a couponing journey.

 1. Start a stockpile
Extreme couponers have a stockpile of stuff in their garage or closet. The reason for having a stockpile is not to become a hoarder, but it allows you to buy stuff only when it’s on sale. 

2. Secure a coupon source
Find out which Sunday paper has the best coupons and subscribe to it! Set aside time with your scissors and sift through the paper each week to find the most beneficial coupons for your needs.

3. Compile your clips
Cutting coupons means there will be small pieces of paper that are easily lost or mistaken for trash. Keep your coupons organized and safe in one binder to make it easy to find and access for your next shopping trip.

4. Join the store loyalty program
Most stores have loyalty programs, and it’s free to join! So there’s no reason to not join - you’ll pay more if you don’t.

5. Be aware of the coupon expiration date and exclusions
Sunday paper coupons usually expire within 30 days, so use the discounts while you can. Check the fine print for exclusions on certain items.

6. Shop at more than one store
The way extreme couponers can save 90% or more on their purchases is because they shop at multiple stores, multiple times 

7. Avoid brand loyalty
Buying from only one specific brand limits your ability to use a lot of coupons. It’s rare for the same brand to continuously offer the same discount, so try to keep an open mind when it comes to brands if you can.

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