A Christmas Miracle Made in Manhattan

It’s not every day that you can get to touch someone’s life in a truly meaningful and profound way. It’s even rarer to be able to do it so completely. That’s why it was such an honor and a humbling experience for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Kansas City Homes, it’s agents, and some generous strangers to make a real difference – especially during the holidays – in the lives of a family who found itself in a difficult spot and in need of assistance.

The husband and father of four for this family – for the sake of privacy, let’s call them the “Greens” – was struck with a serious illness that, among other complications resulted in him losing his job. As a disabled veteran, Mr. Green was entitled to VA benefits and treatment, but living in Manhattan, KS and without a car for over a year had made it nearly impossible for him to get this help in Kansas City. On top of this, Mr. Green’s loss of income caused he and his family to be evicted from their home. Now homeless, without a vehicle and more than a hundred miles away from medical services they desperately needed, the Green family was just about at rock bottom.

It was around the week of Thanksgiving that Northland broker Kristi Ferrara (pictured left) came across Mr. Green’s post on Facebook about being a disabled vet evicted, and all of the misfortune they had experienced lately. Our company has always held vets in the highest regard and help them out whenever we can.

It may have only been November, but the BHGRE Kansas City Homes elves were about to perform a Christmas Miracle.

The first obstacle was getting the Greens to Kansas City so that Mr. Green could get the care and benefits he needed from the VA. Thanks to a Facebook friend of Kristi Ferrara, our Northland office broker, it was really no obstacle at all. This gentleman, out of the pure kindness of his heart, drove his moving truck the 100+ miles to Manhattan to pick up the Green’s belongings and move them the 100+ miles back to Kansas City. This was no small feat especially for a man who had no real connection to the situation other than a casual Facebook friendship with one of our brokers.

So, their belongings are now in Kansas City… where do we put them? For that matter, where to the Green’s go? They are in a new city with no job and nowhere to live. Well, the angels in our Northland office continue to show selfless holiday spirit to help those in need. Jason and Jana DeLong, the lead agents for J & Company Real Estate team in the Northland office are not just two amazing real estate agents, they also own and rent out a number of properties and they just happened to have a vacant unit in one of their duplexes that would be perfect for the Green family. Not only did they offer the space, they did so rent-free through the holidays so that the Greens could get caught up on other bills that had been mounting since Mr. Green lost his job.

Once settled in, the Northland office wanted to welcome the Greens properly, so Kristi and her agents hosted them at a fabulous Thanksgiving feast!

The holiday magic didn’t stop there and neither did the generosity of our offices. This time, it was the agents and staff at the Blue Valley office’s turn to make this family’s trying times into something a little more merry and brighter. They took up a donation and asked everyone to give… and give they did! It was enough to buy presents for the entire family and give them a great Christmas.

Terri Watson, the Blue Valley office’s Office Manager, recalled the Green kids’ reaction when the gifts were delivered.

“Some tears were shed along with smiles of gratitude. Michael gave hugs even before seeing the gifts. Jonathan was fighting back tears, Catherine was bouncing around with joy, and Alyssa – the youngest – kept saying that is was the best Christmas ever”!

The kids weren’t the only ones who got gifts that day. Mom and dad were stunned and speechless to learn that the SUV that delivered all the presents now belonged to them.

“A woman had been moved by the Green’s story and she wanted to gift her car to the family,” shared Kristi. “Because of her, I had the honor of delivering an SUV filled with gifts to this gracious family.”

All of this good was made possible because one family’s store was read and spread on Facebook. Sure most of the time we think of social media as a place to see cat memes and funny gifs, or to post how our day is going. But sometimes, we remember just powerful its ability to connect people can be and this heartwarming story of loss, hope, generosity, and love is proof.