Tom Bradley's Testimonials

Stephen Smith Kansas City Missouri

Tom and Edna were our neighbors and we had asked them to come over and give us their suggestions and opinions on the best way to sell our house when the time came. Several months later, we listed the house with them. We were pleased with the attention they gave to selling our house. The outcome was all we hoped for. We were very pleased with the photos online. It made our house look like s show stopper. It sold the first day so we really didn't have issues with anything. Tom and Edna were very thorough and knowledgeable about real estate. We felt secure in their suggestions. We just left everything up to them.

Chuck Dickerson

Tom and Edna were great to work with and I can never thank them enough for helping us to find the right home for our family.

Karla & Brad in Kansas City

Tom and his Team did an excellent job giving us feedback on getting our home ready to sell. Based upon their advice, we were able to get a full priced offer on our home within 5 hours of putting it on the market. I highly recommend Tom and his Team to everyone.

Kodie Bradley

This was our 9th perfect real estate transaction with the Bradley's.

Pam Westfall Kansas City, Missouri

The team of Marvin and Edna Bradley went above and beyond what I would consider their job as agents. They were willing to help with anything that came up for us as the sellers.

Jaimee Henderson north kc mo

Well I would definitely say we were not the easiest buyers to work with, but they stuck in there with us till we found the perfect house. They were patient through it all, even though I would probably not have! Tom was awesome about digging through everything with my husband, two eyes are better than one, and after looking at about 30 houses it's hard to remember which one is which! And Edna could not be nicer, I will miss getting to see them!

Karen Williams- Gladstone Mo.

Company was very warm and friendly.

Paul and Linda Curtis

Tom Bradley was one of Paul's teachers in high school. Knowing Tom, Paul felt that his input and knowledge of real estate would benefit us along with having a personal trust and appreciation for him.

Eric Bradley

Marvin is a very patient man. He and Edna work great as a team.

Ed Jackson, Gladstone

He did everything well

Eric Bradley, Kansas City, MO

This was my most pleasant real estate transaction.

Dan C. Kansas City

Tom and Edna Bradley were overall wonderful to work with. They were very responsive and made the entire process easy to understand and manage. They are highly recommended!

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