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Jennifer Koenig

Steve Weneck has tremendous industry knowledge and is incredibly trustworthy and reliable. I believe Steve went above and beyond what was necessary and expected (particularly on the buying side). Steve Weneck was available 24/7 to answer calls, and he took us to numerous houses in our search. He helped us understand what made sense for us, and proactively found homes for us to view. I can't say enough good things about his willingness to give up his time. Consistenly, Steve made himself available for all the appointments, inspections, etc., and did not impose on us. He even paid for our termite inspection (we paid him back) to keep the process from bottlenecking. Steve Weneck absolutely has his clients' best interests in mind. He supported our decisions with pursuing houses to purchase, but he also talked through any true concerns he had that we might have been overlooking (that is a huge benefit). I would highly recommend Steve Weneck to anyone! Thanks.
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