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Jennifer Siehndel - Overland Park KS

I cannot give Marcia a high enough recommendation! In a housing market that had homes selling in a matter of hours, Marcia stayed focused on exactly what I was looking for. From the layout of the house - to the exact neighborhood - she found the perfect home for me! I absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to sell or purchase a new home in Kansas City. She's a pleasure to work with!

Connie Chambers, Overland Park

When you talk with Marcia about your property, and the particulars of your situation, you can feel that she understands. She LISTENS to what you are saying, and isn’t jumping into just any old answer simply to have something to say. Her thoughts and suggestions are heartfelt and knowledgeable.

Kristen Inman, Raytown

I worked with Marcia Even previously to buy my house, and she's helped several of my friends and family members buy homes. Selecting her to help me sell was a no-brainer, as she's always been a great realtor and amazing to work with. Working with Marcia is always fantastic, because she's incredibly attentive to your needs and concerns and even makes herself available at strange hours. I could text Marcia at almost any time of day and get a response from her within the hour. She's also great at explaining every detail of the process in a way that's easy to understand when you don't have much knowledge of the real estate world but also without making you feel stupid. Marcia was pleasant, friendly, and optimistic throughout the whole process, even when I was stressed out about all the things I needed to get done. She was great at turning my mood around and keeping me on track.
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