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Adam and Ashley Runyan

We can’t say enough good things about Lisa. She has been the perfect agent to work with. We first learned Lisa’s name after seeing a house listed that we were interested in. After speaking with her she was so helpful that even though we didn’t purchase that home, we contacted her several months later and asked her to be our agent as we began searching more seriously for a home again. Lisa helped us find our first home and when we were ready to sell a few years later Lisa is the first person we called. Here are a few reasons why; She is always on the ball and gets things done, she is very professional and strategic with her approach, she has incredible knowledge, she treats us like people she cares about, and we always know she has our best interest in mind. We feel as though she has done an incredible amount of work in helping us find a home to buy two years ago, and again in helping us sell that home. We are preparing to purchase another home soon and Lisa will be our first call again. We really appreciate Lisa!

Tobbie & Joel Hurley Louisberg Ks

Lisa was amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable of the housing market. She is always willing to take time out of her day to answer any questions in a timely manner. She is very helpful throughout the whole process from finding a loan officer to contractors to change the little things we want to do. She is very generous person with her time and her personal touches. Best thing about Lisa her amazing personality the way she makes you family and her cookies at closing are amazing. We have bought our forever home but will always recomend her to anyone buying a home. Thanks Lisa!

Mitchell Anderson, Clermont, GA

We were pleased and impressed by Lisa Dombrowski when we bought this house through her 3.5 years ago. She was consistently reliable and accessible through the whole process of buying the home. When we decided to sell the house, she was the first and only name we thought of as a sales representative for us. We knew she would go to bat for us and keep our best interests at heart.

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