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Bradley Herzog, Denver, CO (home sold in Drexel, MO)

I had a number of realtors for our property before I met Laura through a referral from a close friend. Prior to Laura, the realtors generally told you what you wanted to hear to get you to sign with them, and then totally dropped the ball and became complacent once they had the listing. The last realtor prior to Laura with another company did some very inappropriate things that effected our representation (direct contact with buyers represented by another realtor, not properly updating the MLS listing, inspection mishaps and conflict of interest, and finally a qualified offer represented by the potential buyers bank, 4 delays in closing and then they ultimately could not qualify for the loan) resulting in my filing a complaint with the state realtor board. OMG, What a breath of fresh air with Laura, she was not only honest throughout the process, but continued to market the property and gave the absolute best follow up throughout the process of the listing to sale and closing that I have ever experienced. She is a rock start and was extremely professional and on top of everything at all times. I know that during the recent sale of my home, there were some additional challenges that she had to work through since I was going through a divorce and I was awarded the property during the sale. Laura handled everything so professionally and with such dignity for me. I have found Laura and if I ever have the opportunity to work with her again, I will not hesitate. She is now a good friend and I respect her greatly. I live out of state so I will not likely run into that opportunity, but she will always be a trusted connection in real estate and I would HIGHLY recommend Laura Katz for anyone that does not want to waste time trying to test realtors that you might encounter that say all the right things. You will never know what you have until you experience it and I am just so glad that I found Laura to represent me!
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