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Checklist for Moving

Send change of address forms to your:

  • Post office
  • Credit card companies
  • Subscriptions and membership organizations
  • Relatives and friends

Services to notify:

  • Bank- have funds transferred if necessary
  • Insurance company
  • Cancel/ Order utilities- gas, electric, water, telephone, cable (If your home will not be occupied immediately, leave the utilities on. If the house will be vacant in cold weather, have the plumbing winterized.)
  • Cancel newspaper, cleaning service, diaper service, etc...

To help kids through the stress of moving, you could:

  • Show them photos of their new home
  • Give them address books to record their old friends' addresses
  • Assign moving tasks to each child, such as packing toys or putting labels on boxes of their things. Many children worry that their belongings will not make it to the new house.


  • Obtain referrals/ letters of recommendation if moving to a new area
  • Have medical/ dental records transferred
  • Have children's school records transferred
  • Transfer a car title, registration, and driver's license
  • Have appliances serviced for moving
  • Arrange for care of children and pets during the move
  • Carry money, valuable jewelry and important documents personally during the move
  • Double-check closets, shelves, bathrooms, and cupboards for anything you may have missed
  • Leave old keys, garage door openers, broiler pans, instruction manuals, etc... for new owner with the real estate agent

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