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MLS Open Houses

Click on a colored house marker for more information

In addition to the navigation buttons, you can also click and drag the map with your mouse.

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Hold down the z key. A red dot appears at the point of your mouse arrow.

Hold down z key

Drag a rectangle where you want to zoom in.

Drag the rectangle and zoom in

Release the mouse. The map will zoom into the area outlined by the rectangle.

The zoomed map

Click on a pin point (the purple ones show a photo).

the pins show the homes on the map

You'll see a popup. Click the address in the popup.

purple pins will give you a photo of the house, price and address

You'll get a page which shows the detailed info of the home.

page with detailed information of the home

Visit Saturday or Sunday for the maximum number of open houses


To select more than one county or city, hold down the control (windows) / command (Mac) key



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