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Latest Kansas City Home Listings as of 8:29 PM, September 29 2016
MLS # 2014481 - 4322 NE 85th Ter   Kansas City,  64156

4322 NE 85th Ter

Kansas City, MO 64156


MLS # 2014482 - 6344 NE Pleasant Valley Rd    Kansas City,  64119

6344 NE Pleasant Valley Rd

Kansas City, MO 64119


MLS # 2014485 - 1003 SHORTHORN Rd    Grain Valley,  64029


Grain Valley, MO 64029


MLS # 2014517 - 1613 Vernon St    St. Joseph          ,  64504

1613 Vernon St

St. Joseph , MO 64504


MLS # 2014521 - 302 E  Benton St    Windsor             ,  65360

302 E Benton St

Windsor , MO 65360


MLS # 2014522 - 410 Sunset Dr    Fort Scott,  66701

410 Sunset Dr

Fort Scott, KS 66701


MLS # 2014531 - 2211 Deer Rd    Fort Scott,  66701

2211 Deer Rd

Fort Scott, KS 66701


MLS # 2014532 - 431 SW 41st Rd    Clinton,  64735

431 SW 41st Rd

Clinton, MO 64735


MLS # 2014536 - 5811 Blue Hills Rd    Kansas City,  64110

5811 Blue Hills Rd

Kansas City, MO 64110


MLS # 2014566 - 23700 Quivira Rd    Bucyrus,  66013

23700 Quivira Rd

Bucyrus, KS 66013


MLS # 2014582 - 15 Forest Lane  Lexington,  64067

15 Forest Lane

Lexington, MO 64067


MLS # 2014608 - 10612 NE 102ND Ter   Kansas City,  64157

10612 NE 102ND Ter

Kansas City, MO 64157


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