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Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Kansas City Homes Earnings Potential

As you consider becoming an agent, you're probably wondering: How much money can I earn?

Commission Example  
Sales Price of Home $ 200,000
Commission Rate 7%
Gross Commission for the Sale $ 14,000
50% to Listing Agency $ 7,000
50% to Selling Agency $ 7,000
Your share after splitting 50/50 with the company* $ 3,500
Planning your Annual Income:  
Sales per Month Approximate Annual Income**
1 $ 42,000
2 $ 84,000
3 $ 126,000

*At pre-determined thresholds, your commission split will increase from the 50/50 level to one where you keep a higher percentage of the commission.

**Your earnings may be considerably higher than the above-mentioned figures.

Note: Expenses are tax deductible. Agents are responsible for tax withholding.